USUKI Eiichi   Faculty of International Relations Department of International Relations   Professor
■ Title
  Japan's Legal and Historical Claim to Takeshima/Liancourt Rocks (Part II)
■ Outline
  Korea's Imperial ordinance No.41 of 25 Oct. 1900 - Japan's Cabinet Decision of 28 Jan. 1905 - the 1906 Report by Shim Heungtaek, Governor of Uldo county - The Cairo Declaration(27 Dec. 1943)and the Potsdam Declaration(26 July 1945); SCAPIN No.677(29 Jan. 19433)and SCAPIN No.1033(22 June 1946)- Japan's interpretation of the 1951 San Francisco Treaty of Peace, Article 2(a)- The colonisation process of Korea by Japan and the incorporation of Takeshima
  Single   Bulletin of Daito Bunka University, Vol.LVII, 2019   Daito Bunka University   (57),pp.133   2019/03

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