USUKI Eiichi   Faculty of International Relations Department of International Relations   Professor
■ Title
  Japan's Legal and Historical Claim to Takeshima/Liancourt Rocks (Part I)
■ Outline
  Both from the perspective of international law and from the interpretation of historical papers in the periods of the Yedo and Meiji Eras, the author re-examines the present legal and historical position of the Japanese Government on Takesihma/Liancourt Rocks (Part I).
Japan's legal argument and justifications: The circumstances of Japan's appropriation of Utsuryo/Ulleungdo and its original title to Takeshima/Dokdo in the Yedo period(1603-1868)- Some historical facts in the Meiji era: Controversy on the interpretation of Japan's Dajokan Directive of 1877, etc.

  Single   Bulletin of Daito Bunka University Vol.LVI (2018)   Daito Bunka University   (56),pp.169   2018/03

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