SPANG Christian W.   Faculty of Foreign Languages Department of English Language   Professor
■ Title
  Karl Haushofer and the OAG. German-Japanese Networks in the First Half of the 20th Century
■ Outline
  Christian W. Spang analyzes in his book "Karl Haushofer and the OAG" for the first time the different facets of the relationship between Haushofer and the German East Asiatic Society (OAG, est. 1873). These contacts between the retired Major-General and Professor Haushofer on the one hand and the OAG, and some of their most important contemporary representatives, on the other hand, represented an essential part of the respective internationally wide-ranged academic political networks. An intensive look at the relevant contacts fostered new insights on Karl Haushofer as well as on the history of the OAG.
  Christian W. Spang
  Single   Munich: Iudicium      2018/03

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