SPANG Christian W.   Faculty of Foreign Languages Department of English Language   Professor
■ Title
  Special Section "Discussing Geopolitics" - Part III. The Pivot Moves Eastward: Mackinder and the Okinawa Problem
■ Outline
  The three papers in this Special Section are based on a graduate-level intensive course titled "The Origins of Geopolitical Thinking", which was part of the Postgraduate General Course at the University of Tsukuba in spring 2010. The second contribution deals with Sir Halford Mackinder's heartland theory and tries to apply it to the "Okinawa problem", i.e. the question of the US-army bases in Okinawa.
  Christian W. Spang
Naoto Aizawa

  Collaboration   Outside the Box: The Tsukuba Multi-Lingual Forum (   4(1),pp.18-23   2011/12

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