SPANG Christian W.   Faculty of Foreign Languages Department of English Language   Professor
■ Title
  Special Section "Discussing Geopolitics" - Part II. An Introduction to Early 20th Century Geopolitics
■ Outline
  The three papers in this Special Section are based on a graduate-level intensive course titled "The Origins of Geopolitical Thinking", which was part of the Postgraduate General Course at the University of Tsukuba in spring 2010. The introduction tries to familiarize a non-specialist audience with the most influential geopolitical theories up to 1945, focussing on Ratzel, Kjellen, Mahan, Mackinder, Haushofer and Spykman.
  Christian W. Spang
Igor Milovanovic

  Collaboration   Outside the Box: The Tsukuba Multi-Lingual Forum (   4(1),pp.8-17   2011/12

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