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■ Title
  Karl Haushofer and Japanese Geopolitics. On Haushofer's Role within German-Japanese Relations between both World Wars - Original(Japanese): "Karu Hausuhofa to Nihon no chiseigaku. Dai-ichi-ji sekaitaisen no Nichi-Doku kankei no naka de Hausuhofa no motsu igi ni tsuite"
■ Outline
  This is the Japanese translation of my 2001 book chapter in Irene Dieckmann (ed.), Geopolitik. Grenzgaenge im Zeitgeist. The original German manuscript was translated into Japanese by Ishii Motsukue (Meiji Universtiy, Tokyo). The whole text can be downloaded at the following URL:
  Single   Space, Society and Geographica Thougt   Osaka City University, Department of Geography   6,pp.2-21   2001/03

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