SPANG Christian W.   Faculty of Foreign Languages Department of English Language   Professor
■ Title
  Karl Haushofer and Japanese Geopolitics. On Haushofer's Role within German-Japanese Relations between both World Wars - Original (German): "Karl Haushofer und Japan. Der Einfluss der Kontinentalblocktheorie auf die Japanpolitik des Dritten Reiches
■ Outline
  Based on a 1998 conference paper, this article deals with Karl Haushofer's influence on German-Japanese relations. This was my first longer article in which I explained the problems surrounding my Ph.D. research.
  Single   Hilaria Goessmann et al. (eds.), 11. Deutschsprachiger Japanologentag in Trier 1999   Muenster-Hamburg-London: LIT   1,pp.121-134   2001

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