KAMIMURA Keisuke   Faculty of Foreign Languages Department of Japanese Language   Professor
■ Title
  Difference in learning aptitude of newly enrolled students between admission types
■ Outline
  This article examines the learning aptitude of first-year students between suisen nyuusi (preferential admission) and ippan nyuusi (scholastic admission), at the Japanese language department of Daito Bunka University. As a result of the analysis of the final examinations of an introductory course on Japanese linguistics, and the scores of native language literacy in Japanese, the results indicate that the admission types do not affect the understanding of Japanese linguistics, whereas they have a significant effect on literacy scores. In addition, correlation is negligible between the understanding of linguistics and native language literacy. The findings indicate that students who are admitted to the university through the preferential admission do not underperform those who are admitted on scholastic assessment in the learning of a specialised subject. It is also indicated that the preferential admission serves as well to ensure that prospective students have adequate learning aptitude at the department.
  Keisuke Kamimura
  Single   Journal of the Institute for Language and Education Research   Institute for Language and Education Research   (39),pp.97   2022/03

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